Filtration and Disinfiction unit

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Comprising a turbine with a flow of 450m3 per hour (with filters) and 850m3 per hour (without filter), a pre filter (EU2) for dust collect, and activated carbon filter (200g/m3) for air cleansing before outside release.

The unit is acoustically isolated in order to limit noise pollutions.
Specifications: To connect to electrical input box - 230V/50Hz/3A.
Power 154 W - Nominal intensity 0.67 A - Speed: 2950 rpm – Maximum air flow: 1000m3/h - Static pressure: maximum 400 Pa - Noise level: 49 dB - Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 cm – Weight: 18 kg.

Installation: Aspiration has to be located at 30cm high from floor: either direct aspiration with the unit recessed in the wall or through a Ф 20cm vertical duct, connected to the box with a Ф 20cm sheath, the unit being installed on the roof.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning of extract units with degreasing soap - Every 6 months, remove dust from pre-filter with a vacuum
cleaner, and every 1500 operating hours, replace the activated carbon filter.
Optional: HEPA filter class 10 to 13 (contact us), in addition to pre-filter and activated