Ventilated Cupboard

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Ventilated Cupboard :
Ref.5510. Manufactured in 304 L stainless steel, this ventilated cupboard is used for storing products containing formaldehyde, biocide products, or all other products containing solvent. Comprises a perforated interior duct - The duct is either connected to exhaust air system with central extraction or to the filtration/disinfection unit ref.502120 - Cupboard stabilized on floor thanks to 4 feet with adjustable jacks (25mm) - 3 sliding Full height doors giving easy access to the storage
Connection to central exhausting system is done with ø 100 mm elbow - Located on top of the cupboard (Plan ø100mm reserve at 2000mm from floor.)  Or can be connected to our filtration / disinfection unit item 502120
DIMENSIONS: 160 x 80 x 195 cm (W x D x H) - Approximate height with ventilation duct and feet: 210
5 height adjustable perforated shelves - 2 sliding doors - 1 sliding door - Trolley for Cupboard gastronorme with 16 levels 67,8 x 40 x 180cm (L x l x H) 4 handles 4 wheels - Lock and key.

- CE
- Stainless steel in compliance with the NF standard IN 10088-1 1995
- Material compliance with the circular of July 30th, 2004 relative to care in autopsy and macroscopie rooms face to face ATC and ATNC (DGS/SD5/DHOS/E5/TRT/CT1/CT2/n°2044-382).
This cupboard must be connected with a system of extraction of one capacity of 250 m3 / hour.