Treatement of Air and Waste Water Coming From Autopsy Room

  • Air extraction unit

    Ref.5510/B adapted to extract air from worktop of any furniture wall fitted. Can easily adapt to your lab working environment in order to optimize the available space. Our wide range of standard sizes offers many possibilities for an optimal design of rooms. Please contact us for a study.
    All stainless steel 304 (standard) or 316 (contact us)
    DIMENSIONS: contact us
    ATERNATIVE: with 316 stainless steel

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  • Filtration/Disinfection unit

    Filtration/Disinfection unit: Ref.502120 - Comprising a turbine with a flow of 450m3 per hour (with filters) and 850m3 per hour (without filter), a pre filter (EU2) for dust collect, and activated carbon filter (200g/m3) for air cleansing before outside release. The unit is acoustically isolated in order to limit noise pollutions.
    Specifications: To connect to electrical input box - 230V/50Hz/3A.
    Power 154 W - Nominal intensity 0.67 A - Speed: 2950 rpm – Maximum air flow: 1000m3/h - Static pressure: maximum 400 Pa - Noise level: 49 dB - Dimensions 40 x 40 x 40 cm – Weight: 18 kg.
    Installation: Aspiration has to be located at 30cm high from floor: either direct aspiration with the unit recessed in the wall or through a Ф 20cm vertical duct, connected to the box with a Ф 20cm sheath, the unit being installed on the roof.
    Maintenance: Regular cleaning of extract units with degreasing soap - Every 6 months, remove dust from pre-filter with a vacuum cleaner, and every 1500 operating hours, replace the activated carbon filter.
    Optional: HEPA filter class 10 to 13 (contact us), in addition to pre-filter and activated carbon filter.

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  • Floor drain

    Ref.4285 Manufactured in 304 stainless steel – Comprising a drain and basket dimensions 15 X 15 cm – ø 5 cm vertical outlet – Water flow: 0.55 l/s approximately. Cover resisting to a static load of 3.3 Kn. Weight 1.2 kg with 0.1 litre basket.
    DIMENSIONS: L x W x H: 15 x 15 x 7cm
    ATERNATIVE: Flor drain for flexible floor

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  • Inactivation of the waste water coming from the autopsy room

    INACTIVATION OF WASTE WATER COMING FROM THE AUTOPSY: Réf.3800 / EU. All the effluents, from the room of autopsy, the liquid discharges risk to be contaminated, and must be necessarily treated.
    These discharges are loaded in organic matters, and in simple chemicals, they pour directly by gravity in the tank buffer.
    The operated process will be chemical under the principle of the inactivation of microorganisms under the effect of the hydroxide of sodium NaOH with pH 12,3 during cycles of minimum contact of 4 am.
    Then neutralization of the effluent chemically active ( pH12,3 ) by injection of acid to restore a pH from 6,5 to 7,5 ( neutral pH) before discharge in the city network.
    The processing capacity is about 1400 liters in every batch (4 hours), but it is possible to handle less effluent by acting on the pears of levels.
    Included: one Sleep off buffer of reception in PEHD with 1 hermetic lid, 1 entrance for the effluent and 1 surverse top communicating with the treatment, 2 Pumps of lifting, 1 agitator, 3 pears of levels and 1 vent outing of a coal-based filter - One Treatment tank in PEHD with 1 hermetic lid, 1 entrance for the effluent and 1 surverse top, 2 Pumps of lifting, 1 agitator, 3 pears of levels and 1 vent equipped with a coal-based filter.
    - 1 Unity of correction of pH and indicator of temperature Managed by an Automaton of regulation of pH.
    - 1 Pump of injection of soda and acid.
    - 2 Containers acid and base
    - 1 electric Cupboard Commanding the processing plant.
    Photo: tanks of 2000 liters useful for the tank buffer and the treatment tank, for the treatment of a table of autopsy and a table of dissection

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