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Matériels et produits d'hygiènes pour les manipulations de corps en chambre funéraire ou mortuaire

EIHF Isofroid manufactures and markets materials and products for hygiene to prevent risk against infection and contamination of professionnel people in charge of works.

Individual protection equipment         
Hygien material


What is Hygiene?

At body manipulations, funeral or mortuary room, or when making a care of conservation operations can be more or less dangerous for the health of operators, as well as for the environment as a whole.
However, it is possible to prevent the formation and spread of harmful agents in the workplace, through risk management intended not only to protect the health of the operators but also to limit the damage done to the environment. If a harmful chemical is eliminated, it will not affect the operators and will not pollute the environment.
The role of hygiene is precisely to prevent and control the risks related to professional activities. Hygiene is particularly aimed to protect and promote the health of workers, the environment and to promote safe and sustainable development.
However, prevention must start much earlier, before the event of a deterioration of the health status, but before any actual exposure. The workplace should be constantly monitored in order to detect and to dismiss workers and dangerous factors or controlling them before they negatively, that is the role of hygiene.

Why hygiene?

Reduce the risks to the health of the operators;
Identify the appearance of chemical, physical or biological agents that may affect the health and well-being of the operators.
Stop the possible ways of penetration of agents in the human body and the effects that these agents and other factors can have on health.
Limit the exposure of workers to agents and other potentially dangerous factors;
Recommend the use of individual ear protection equipment to ensure an effective and economic protection action.