• Beige foundation

    Cosmetic cream for makeup. Beige color.

    Sold individually - 30g.

    0.00 €
  • beveled sponge

    Facilitates the application of foundation funds. Allows precision work for the eye, face and nose. To use slightly wet. Wash regularly with very hot water and soap.

    Sold individually.

    0.00 €
  • Brosse peigne-cils

    Laver à l'eau chaude et au savon.

    Vendu à l'unité.

    0.00 €
  • Complete makeup kit

    Kit consisting of the products below:

    - Plastic case

    - Modeling cream (reference 900000)

    - Ivory colored loose powder (900051)

    - Fluid foundation pink beige (900020)

    - Foundation fluid golden beige color (900021)

    - Fluid foundation natural tan color (900022)

    - Fluid foundation natural golden color (900023)

    - Tan tan stick foundation (900030)

    - Foundation natural golden color stick (900032)

    - Natural beige color sticky base (900034)

    - Palette of 5 creams correctors (900040)

    - Palette of 5 lipsticks (900070)

    0.00 €
  • concealer

    These products are easy to apply and have the advantage of combining a minimum of different colors, to avoid shelves filled with superfluous cosmetics. These kits include everything you need, to get a professional result from the natural look without makeup to the most complex cases requiring opaque cover creams, while avoiding the 'mask' effect.

    Sold individually - 6 colors palette.

    0.00 €
  • Cookie color

    Cosmetic cream for makeup. Cookie color.

    Sold individually - 30g.

    0.00 €
  • Fluid foundation

    Its light and fluid texture allows a quick and uniform makeup. Ensures a matt and satin finish, wonderfully bright. For a perfect result, apply using the damp beveled sponge. Color: beige rosé

    Sold individually - Capacity 30 ml.

    0.00 €