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Autopsy & labo

Autopsie et Labo

EIHF Isofroid manufactures autopsy tables and all laboratory equipments.

Autopsy and Ablution Tables
Dissection Tables
Lab Benches and Cupboard
Laboratory Furniture
Treatement of air and waste water coming from autopsy room
Wash Boots

What are to equip rooms where workers are likely to be exposed to pathogenic biological agents in groups 2, 3 or 4?
Of medical biology laboratories,
The laboratories of Anatomy and cytology pathological.
Institutions conducting autopsies and dissections on dead people,
Research, development and teaching laboratories,
These 'rooms dedicated to technical activities" are rooms in which are manipulated samples, the body and the animals, contaminated or likely to be contaminated by biological pathogens, as well as the rooms in which handled, deliberate biological pathogens.
The autopsies and examinations of Anatomy and cytology pathological on patients or animals by a biological agent of Group 4 are reserved for veterinary and medical research activities and are strictly limited to cases where a large interest in public health. These autopsies are performed in a containment level 4 room
What are the technical characteristics of these dedicated rooms?
Access to staff via a SS fitted with doors enslaved cannot be opened simultaneously,
Access to the body by a separate entry of personnel,
Opportunity to seal the room dedicated to allow disinfection,
Filtration of the air entering the room dedicated to technical activities (HEPA filter).
Windows closed during handling,
Mechanism to recover and treat effluent and washing water,
Ceiling full or, if necessary, false ceiling waterproof and not removable.
Maintenance of negative pressure in the room,
Autopsy table of height adjustable, resistant to cleaning and disinfection agents
Furniture suspended or with a base to clean, disinfectable and resisting the process of cleaning and disinfection,
Inactivation of waste before their departure from autospy room,
Inactivation of biological agents present in effluents and waters of washing by appropriate means.